Objectives of the foundation

Activity of the Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation

Relation between the Mohács Enterprising Area and the foundation

Intermodal Centre and Logistic Centre

Relation between the V/C traffic corridor and Mohács

International relations

Relations between the Alps-Adriatic Working Community and the development programmes of Mohács

Infrastructure relations between the Hungarian Baranya and the Croatian Baranya

The Danube Bridge of Mohács and the region development

Due to its planned transport connections with Croatia, Baranya County will become an important link in international traffic and a centre of domestic and foreign investments, too. In order to achieve it, Baranya county is highly interested in several development programmes:

· New direction of Route No. 6. (Budapest - the border of Hungary) through the area of Udvar and Ivándárda and the construction of a by pass around the western part of Mohács
· Development of transportation by River Danube (taking advantage of the Danube-Rhine-Main canal)
· Construction of the eastern road section of Route No. 57. to Baja and connected to this building the Danube Bridge at Mohács

The General Assembly of the Transport and Shipping Working Group of the Working Community of the Danube Regions we accepted the report titled as "Transport Planning in the Danube Regions, 1997" and within it the European Traffic Corridors, in Zagreb on 13th of May, 1997. The Routes that go through Hungary are the V/C. and VII. Corridors. This latter is the river Danube itself. The first one is about widening Route No. M6-M56 to make it a highway, which would take the following direction: Budapest Mohács - Beli Monostir -Osijek - Sarajevo - Tuzla - Ploce. At the Zagreb General Assembly I suggested the following: The V/C. Transport Corridor should take a Y-direction at Mohács. One line of it would go towards Croatia through the area of Udvar, the other line would go (using the Mohács Danube Bridge) towards Serbia through Hercegszántó. Thus an intermodal centre would be created at Mohács.

  The above were included as a unified proposal in the Helsinki Conference of the European Transport Ministers.

I would like to remind of our negotiation in Zagreb on 11th of December, 1996, where we were having a discussion about the connections between the traffic systems of Baranya, the Danube Regions and the European Traffic Corridors and the road system of Croatia. At that time we considered it important that the connection between the Croatian Baranya and the Hungarian Baranya should be through the area of Udvar.