Objectives of the foundation

Activity of the Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation

Relation between the Mohács Enterprising Area and the foundation

Intermodal Centre and Logistic Centre

Relation between the V/C traffic corridor and Mohács

International relations

Relations between the Alps-Adriatic Working Community and the development programmes of Mohács

Infrastructure relations between the Hungarian Baranya and the Croatian Baranya

The Danube Bridge of Mohács and the region development

Alps-Adriatic Working Community, Traffic, Economic and Tourism Committee

Dr. Gerd Beinhardt - Bavarian Transport, Technological Ministry, Munnich

European Networks - Wolfgang Ulbrich, Brussels

Working Community of the Danube Regions, Traffic, Shipping Committee - Otto Schwetz, Vienna

Danube Region Association - Edit Stojic Karanovic, Beograd

Osijek Baranya County - Osijek

North Portugal Development Council - Juventus Peneda

AIECON Corporation - Robert M. Erwin USA.