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The Danube Bridge of Mohács and the region development

The economy of Mohács City, which has a 900 years old history, is in crisis similarly to most of the settlements in the southern border. The industrial sectors wasted away, commerce is stagnating, tourism and the shopping tourism considerably shrivelled due to the Southern-Slavonic war. The infrastructure of the city is also underdeveloped, the perspective development required urgent actions.
However, the geographical location of Mohács has a favourable effect on its economic and infrastructure development. The commercial routes crossing through it provides an opportunity, that it could play more important, even central role in the development of South-Hungary, its feature of being a "connecting link" between the eastern and western part of the country could be strengthened, and last but not least a contact with further development could be established with the southern neighbour. This way, the economic role of Mohács reaches over the scale of the city and even of Baranya county.
If we look over the location of the economic areas of the South-Transdanubian region, then it is exceptionally encouraging, that there was established such areas at three points (Mohács, Barcs, Lenti) each, which open towards the more favourable adoption of investments, and serve the settling and increasing of the enterprises.
It can also be seen, that the enterprise development in Hungary requires an aimed and strong intervention at present. This purpose can be supported by the excellent means of the enterprising areas, which are also included among the stressed industry development priorities, and which are planned to also support with governmental decree. Among the enterprising areas, Mohács has an outstanding place, because
· the Danube
· its closeness to the frontier of the country
· the already existing German nationality and other international relations of the region
form such a base together, the elements of which fortify each other.

There is hardly any place in Hungary, where the presently not exploited opportunities provide development prospective in such an excellent composition. Beside the Danube, there can be found a territory, which is perfect for establishing an industrial park in Mohács. The territory beside the Danube in the industrial zone of Mohács Local Government is - due to its size, morphological features, and infrastructure - suitable for establishing a prospective pier area.