Objectives of the foundation

Activity of the Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation

Relation between the Mohács Enterprising Area and the foundation

Intermodal Centre and Logistic Centre

Relation between the V/C traffic corridor and Mohács

International relations

Relations between the Alps-Adriatic Working Community and the development programmes of Mohács

Infrastructure relations between the Hungarian Baranya and the Croatian Baranya

The Danube Bridge of Mohács and the region development

Principles of the Mohács Enterprising Area (in original 1994)

1. Establishment of the business organisation
1.1. Preparing a business plan
1.2. Involving the Local Government of Mohács City, Mohács Regional Council and Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the preparatory works
1.3. Programme of the Economic Enterprising Area
1.4. Ministerial and government level approval (February, 1998)

2. Enlargement of the business organisation
2.1. Taking in new business organisations
2.2. Elaborating a marketing concept
2.3. Planning of the industrial core areas

3. Assistance for the construction programme of the Mohács Danube Bridge

4. Enlarging the crossing point of Hercegszántó with international truck traffic

5. Receiving investment companies for the enlargement of the joint-stock company

Development of Mohács and its region into enterprising area (in original 1994)

The Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation announces the following economic development programme:

I. It requests the County Region Development Council to provide assistance for the establishment of the Mohács and its Region Enterprising Area.
II. The Government agrees with a programme defined in an abridged work schedule.
III. The Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation turns to the concerning organisations in order to establish a Co-ordination Committee for the preparatory work of the Mohács and its Region Enterprising Area.
IV. The Government requests the Hungarian Development Bank to provide assistance for the programmes of the Enterprising Area.
V. The Minister of Finance makes a proposal for elaborating an investment and tax allowance in the Enterprising Area.
VI. The Hungarian Development Bank assists the formation of a union of enterprising areas.
VII. The Government requests to the concerning ministers to help the capital getting into the Mohács and its Region Enterprising Area.
VIII. The Government takes the actions that the Mohács Danube Bridge could be handed over in the medium term programme.
IX. The Government prepares the crossing point of Hercegszántó for receiving truck traffic, and for enlarging it to be a busy traffic international crossing point.
X. The Government provides assistance that the section connecting to the crossing point of Hercegszántó could be widened into a route.
XI. The Government supports the establishment of a new crossing point in the region of Udvar. The project of the Unitef '83 Joint-Stock Company gives preference for the point of intersection at Ivándárda.
XII. For the operation of the Enterprising Area, the Government initiates the conclusion of commercial and economic agreements beyond the border.

During the past 40 years, the construction of the Mohács Danube Bridge has come up several times, but due to the closeness of the border or due to other reasons, the planning for construction was always delayed and no particular actions were taken in this matter.

The geographical location of Mohács, and the point of intersections of the commercial roads crossing the region enables that the city can offer attractive investment opportunities with the prospective route connecting East to West, with the Free Danube Pier of Mohács, with the development of tourism, etc.