Objectives of the foundation

Activity of the Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation

Relation between the Mohács Enterprising Area and the foundation

Intermodal Centre and Logistic Centre

Relation between the V/C traffic corridor and Mohács

International relations

Relations between the Alps-Adriatic Working Community and the development programmes of Mohács

Infrastructure relations between the Hungarian Baranya and the Croatian Baranya

The Danube Bridge of Mohács and the region development

In 1992 the Baranya County Court of Registry registered the Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation.
In 1992 we established contact with the Local Government of Mohács City.
In 1992 we established contact with the Baranya County General Assembly for organising the regional conferences and for further co-operation.
In 1993 the foundation elected a new president, Dr. István Láng, member of the Academy, who is the Presidential Chief Advisor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
In 1993 we started a series of negotiations with the Association of the Upper Bácska Local Governments.
In 1993 we initiated the formation of the Mohács Regional Council, and became its founder next year. In 1993, there we established contact with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the work is still continuous since then.
In 1993 we prepared an influence study for the Mohács Bridge.
In 1993 we invited the members of parliament of Baranya County to Mohács for an economic development negotiation (it is continuous since then).
In 1993 we initiated a discussion with Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Water Management, we established contact with the Pont - Terv Rt. (Point-Plan Joint-Stock Company), László Mátyássy and Iván Pozsonyi regarding the construction of the Mohács Bridge, since then this work is continuous.
In 1994 we elaborated principles for the Mohács Enterprising Area.
In 1995 we launched a series of conferences under the title of "The future of the South-Hungarian Region".
Since 1995 we were participating in the preparation of the "region development programme of Baranya County).
Through the foundation member we participate in the work of the Alps-Adriatic and Working Community of the Danube Regions.
In 1997, the president of the foundation, Dr. István Láng, is granted the honour prize of the Baranya County Assembly for his region development work performed in Mohács Region.
In 1995-96 we participate in the works of the National Region Development Concept on consultation level.
1996. The Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation participates in the works of the Danube Regions' Transport Plan (seated in Vienna, president: Otto Schwetz), the bridges of Mohács, Szekszárd, Dunaújváros and Esztergom got into the plans.
1996. The Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation participate actively in the preparation of the Mohács Arrangement Plan, the plan of Danube Bridge gets into the General Arrangement Plan.
1997. The Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation establishes the Mohács and its Region Enterprising Area Public Utility Company.
1998. Mohács is granted the Enterprising Area title by the Government. The strategic development of the region: the Mohács Danube Bridge, the Pier, joining the V/C traffic corridor.
1998. Dr. István Kernya prepares a transport study for the Alps-Adriatic area: under the title of " Developing a road infrastructure, that provides high quality services, and possibilities for having it financed by its users in the Alps-Adriatic Region".
In December of 1998, the Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation prepares the plans for the principle construction permission for the Mohács Bridge. Designing architects are: Pont-Terv Joint-Stock Company, Terra Stúdió Ltd., Roden Ltd.
June, 1999. With the order and co-operation of the Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Water Management and Ministry of Agriculture and Region Development there is prepared the study plan, that analyses in details the plans for the Routes No. M6 - M56 and the three connecting new Danube Bridges (Mohács, Szekszárd, Dunaújváros) and their economic development effects.
September, 1999. The Country Planning Plan of the Danube Drava National Park and its Region there is stated the earliest need for constructing the Danube Bridges of Szekszárd and Mohács.
In October, 1999. the Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation concludes an agreement with the "Bridge Dunaújváros and its Region Association" and with the Collaboration for the Development of Dunaújváros and its Region Foundation" in order to work with joint efforts for the construction of the Mohács and Dunaújváros Bridges.