Objectives of the foundation

Activity of the Mohács Danube Bridge Foundation

Relation between the Mohács Enterprising Area and the foundation

Intermodal Centre and Logistic Centre

Relation between the V/C traffic corridor and Mohács

International relations

Relations between the Alps-Adriatic Working Community and the development programmes of Mohács

Infrastructure relations between the Hungarian Baranya and the Croatian Baranya

The Danube Bridge of Mohács and the region development

Mohács 1. Organising conferences in every year (under the title of " The future of the South-Hungarian Region"). We organise such a conference in autumn every year, and by this we provide an opportunity for introducing the possibilities of economic and social development. The organisation of such conferences is reasoned by the fact, that in case of joining the European Union, Mohács region is also going to be the southern border of the Union for a long time, which requires preparation.
2. Dr. István Kernya elaborated the principles of the Mohács Enterprising Area in 1994, and he became one of the founders of the Mohács and its Region Enterprising Area Public Utility Company in 1997.
3. The foundation elaborated the plan of forming Mohács to be an intermodal centre: the "3 R" network (road, rail, river) stressing the advantages of the triple border. Road development towards Croatia and Yugoslavia.
4. Relation between the V/C traffic corridor (Budapest - Mohács - Osijek - Sarajevo - Ploce) and Mohács Enterprising Area
5. Joining in the Ecos Ouverture programme (Brussels), Gateways, Regional development strategies of Mohács and Koper
6. Traffic plan and EU corridors of the Danube Regions. Building a pier in Mohács.
7. Developing a road infrastructure, that provides high quality services, and possibilities for having it financed by its users in the Alps-Adriatic Region.
8. Programme Plan of the infrastructural relations between the Hungarian Baranya and the Croatian Baranya.
9. The relation between the Danube Bridge of Mohács and (Routes No.) M6-M56 on planning level.